Omron Healthcare Premium Pedometer HJ-112
November 2004
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Helping encouraging users to get their 10,000 steps-a-day of recommended walking activity, OMRON Healthcare, Inc.'s Premium Pedometer is said to be ranked first for accuracy and performance by a leading consumer ranking magazine.

The Model HJ-112 is said to be unlike other pedometers, in that it calculates the users’ number and duration of aerobic steps. OMRON Healthcare, based in Bannockburn, IL, U.S., defines aerobic steps as more than 60 steps a minute and 10 minutes of continuous walking. Aerobic monitoring, Omron explains, helps users assess their habits and enables them to make changes needed to burn body fat, lose weight, and improve overall cardiovascular health.

The unit is engineered with sensing technology utilizing two acceleration sensors. The company explains that the sensors and unique data analysis algorithm allow the unit to be placed or worn in multiple positions. While many pedometers must be worn on a belt or waistband, the Model HJ-112 is designed to measure steps while worn in a jacket or pants pocket, or even while in a bag.

"The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) recently found that more than 72,000 female nurses indicated that moderate to intense physical activity, such as walking, is linked to a substantial reduction in the risk of strokes," said Hiroshi Ogawa, category manager, weight management for Omron Healthcare. "Research clearly shows the direct and significant impact exercise has on preventable diseases. We developed the HJ-112 to encourage activity and lifestyle changes to increase the quality of life for those suffering from illnesses or for people interested in disease prevention."

The unit calculates calories burned by factoring the walker’s weight, stride distance, and number of steps. It displays calories burned as well as distance walked. Data can be stored and reviewed by users.

The Omron Healthcare Premium Pedometer HJ-112 retails at approximately $40.

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