Inductive Sensor
October 2004
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Balluff has introduced what it claims is the world’s smallest diameter inductive sensor/connector combination in both shielded and unshielded versions. Instead of a standard connector, the new inductive sensors use an integral flush fitting, making each package a total of 3-mm wide for the entire length. According to the company, both models offer industry-leading sensing distance for ferrous metals for a
sensor of this size—3 mm distance for the unshielded version and 1 mm for the shielded version.

The 3-mm inductive sensors are said to be ideal for a variety of applications, including embedded installations such as in stamping dies and other tight, difficult-to-install situations. The small size also facilitates multiple sensor installations where sensors must be positioned as close as 6 mm to each other. Other possible applications include gripper applications, semiconductor and electronic industry usage, or any other application that requires sensors to operate within a highly confined area.


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