Plastic Alloys
September 2004
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The Product Selector Guide from GLS Corporation consists of a two-sided, six-page guide to thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and thermoplastics vulcanizate (TPV) alloys. The guide offers in-depth information about the company's product line, including KRATON(r), DYNAFLEX(r), VERSAFLEX(r), VERSALLOY(r), and VERSOLLAN(tm) TPE and TPU alloys. Each product is defined in the literature, specifying its specialties and capabilities within the product family. The guide also specifies numerous materials properties, including available colors, hardness, specific gravity, compression set, flow shrinkage, melt index, tensile properties, bonding characteristics to specific material substrates, regulatory data on FDA, USP VI, NSF, UL 94 flame rating, and special characteristics.

GLS Corporation

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