September 2004
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The 750-841 series Ethernet TCP/IP Programmable Fieldbus Controller (PFC) has a 256-kB data memory, a multi-tasking operating system, and the ability to complete online programming changes. Key features of the controller include a 32-bit RISC processor; 512-kB program memory, 24-kB retentive memory, 100-Mbits/s Ethernet, IEC-61131-3 programming, and open architecture software interfaces and protocols, including the industrial Ethernet protocols ModbusTCP and EtherNet/IP. The controller is reportedly 100-percent compatible with all 750 series I/O modules, giving the flexibility to interface with more than 100 modular (2-, 4-, or 8-channel) digital, analog, and special function I/O modules. The device also features a real-time clock for time stamping and scheduling applications and can store programs in Flash memory to ensure system integrity on recovery from power failure, eliminating the need for periodic battery replacement.

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