Microwave Drawer
September 2004
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Sharp Electronics’ new Insight™ Range redefines what a cooking appliance should be by pairing a smooth cooktop and conventional thermal or convection oven with the world’s first Microwave Drawer, all neatly arranged into a 30-inch wide product.

The Microwave Drawer brings convenience to the cooking process, opening manually or automatically (on select models) with a touch of the control panel. The drawer provides easy reach-in access, eliminating the need to remove dishes from the microwave to inspect or stir foods.

The Microwave Drawer incorporates Sharp’s sensor cooking technology for superior microwave cooking or reheating results, and its smooth floor enables easy clean up. Both the Microwave Drawer and the conventional thermal or convection oven are artfully concealed behind large viewing windows for a unified appearance.

Select models of the Insight Range are equipped with true European-type High-Velocity Convection™ that provides even heat and a consistent temperature throughout the oven cavity for faster cooking. The easy pullout, fully-extendable oven rack is ideal for handling heavier items. To simplify the clean up, the Insight Range features a smooth glass cook top, which includes a warming zone.

The Insight Range features front-mounted glass touch controls that lend a streamlined appearance to the range and are readily accessible, easy-to-use, and easy to clean. The range line features either dual segment digital touch controls or Sharp’s LCD touch-screen technology, which simplifies the cooking process with step-by-step instructions, convection recipe conversions, and helpful tips.

The Insight Range will be available in the last quarter of 2004 in 30-inch electric freestanding or slide-in models, in stainless-steel, black, or white finishes. MSRP is N/A.

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