Whirlpool Introduces Water Treatment Appliances
September 2004
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Whirlpool Corp. announced the introduction of a new line of water softeners, water filtration products, and water coolers.

According to the appliance maker, research shows that tap water in many regions of the U.S. is affected by contaminants ranging from sediments, chlorine, and lead to chemicals and pesticides. Even if tap water meets the standards set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the National Consumer Water Quality Survey conducted by the Water Quality Association shows that 86 percent of Americans have concerns about the look, smell, and taste of their water.

"Many homeowners have the misconception that home water filtration is 'one-size-fits-all', but in fact to get ultimate results, there are several steps in the process," said Warren Lopata, lead innovation consultant for Whirlpool Corporation. "Whirlpool's new line of water softeners, water filtration products, and water coolers can provide the innovative solutions for homeowners' water needs along with expert designs for easy installation and maintenance."

Whirlpool's new offerings include three water softener models that are said to be efficient and use less salt because they monitor water usage and regenerate only when necessary to ensure capacity for each day's use. The softeners also feature a sensor that lets homeowners know when to add salt.

Whirlpool is also offering a line of filtration products, including a whole house pre-filtration system designed to reduce sediments that can damage plumbing and appliances and a drinking water filter system that not only filter contaminants, but also allows for faucet- and filtration-level customization. Also part of the new offering, Whirlpool's reverse osmosis filtration systems are said to filter between 14-22 gal of water a day, with the one model featuring a filter life indicator.

The appliance maker has also introduced five water coolers, including a stainless-steel model. Focusing on design, the company is allowing customers to custom order select models. The special order program allows homeowners to choose the cooler body and accent colors, as well as preferred water temperature options.

All of the new Whirlpool water filtration products are available exclusively at Lowe's.

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