Matsushita Introduces New Tilted-Drum Washer/Dryers
September 2004
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Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., known for its Panasonic brand products, added three new models to its tilted-drum washer/dryer lineup.

The new models deliver the industry's first foam and spray washing cycle, delivering greater washing efficiencies in power and water consumption. The NA-V81 and NA-V61 washer-dryers and the NA-S81 washing machine will be introduced to the Japanese market Nov. 21.

Matsushita said the new machines incorporate an innovative washing system which concentrates tiny bubbles of detergent, making them 12 times more effective. The baffle in the drum recylces and sprays the detergent water over the clothes, maximizing the washing and rinsing efficiency and reducing water usage to the industry's lowest level.

A water level switching button -- another industry first, according to Matsushita -- allows consumers to set a required water level rather than relying on preset levels. At the low water level, 25 liters, or three bucketfuls of water, will wash a light load.

The NA-V81 and NA-V61 are also equipped with a Super Alleru-Buster, developed by the company, that neutralizes air-borne particles like pollens collected from drying outdoors. A PTC (positive temperature coefficient) heater allows fine temperature control and provides faster and efficient drying of all types of fabrics from heavy duty articles to delicates.

Matsushita started shipping the titled-drum laundry series to China and other Asian markets this month, according to Kazunori Takami, director of Matsushita's Corporate Marketing Division for Home Appliances.

"We project Japan's overall demand for washing machines to be 4.3 million units for fiscal 2004, up 100 percent from last year, while we anticipate the demand for washer-dryers to be one million, up 156 percent from last year," Mr. Takami said. "This accounts for 25 percent of the total demand for fully-automated washers."

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