Dental Dishwasher
September 2004
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Miele (Gütersloh, GERMANY) launched a new generation of thermal washers/disinfectors for cleaning a variety of dental instruments, including transmission systems.

The Model G 7830 and Model G 7881 are equipped with Miele's new Multitronic Novo Plus electronic controls and a rotary switch for selection of a programs. The disinfectors offer greater free-programming flexibility, so that cleaning, disinfection, and final rinse can be tailored to specific requirements. A special control interface enables the documentation of process parameters. Machine-based processing uses standard programs. Thermal disinfection uses 93°C (199°F) water. Miele says the Robert Koch Institute has indicated that this temperature covers the A and B spectrum ranges—it kills bacteria and fungi and deactivates viruses, including HBV and HIV.

The washer-disinfectors have a program in which thermal disinfection occurs in the first water intake cycle, making it compliant with European regulations governing the containment of epidemics.

Vario TD Program

The machines also feature a general prophylactic program to eliminate blood residue. The VARIO TD program starts by washing at low temperatures, preventing denaturation from setting in to impair results. Thermal disinfection takes place at the end of this cycle, again at 93°C with 5-min hold time. This process complies with the requirements of the prEN 15883 European draft standard.

High temperatures at the end of the cycle prevent recontamination through water introduced during the rinse, as well as improving drying results. This approach is said to be gentle on materials, making it suitable for processing transmission systems.

Improved Efficiency & Performance

An improved basket coupling system helps reduce water consumption up to 3.5 L per cycle, reducing water and effluent costs. Water intake is monitored by a flow meter, helping to maintain the correct detergent concentration.

The disinfectors use a standard Profi Monobloc water softener. Regeneration takes place during normal operation, so there is no need for a separate reactivation program. The softener ensures lime-free water and reportedly reduces salt consumption in certain water hardness ranges by up to 50 percent.

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