550 Dishes/Hour
September 2004
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The GS 302 is an automatic, hot water-sanitizing dishwasher from Insinger Machine Company Inc. (Philadelphia, PA, U.S.). Its capacity is 22 racks per hour, or about 550 dishes per hour.

The undercounter unit has timed wash and rinse cycles. Fully automatic operation is facilitated by front-mounted, color-coded pushbutton controls and colored indicator lights for all functions, including wash and rinse temperature. Control components are mounted within the machine in a splash-proof housing. The unit is equipped with three levels of control capability: operational, management, and service diagnostic. It has thermostatic controls for the wash tank, as well as ThermoStop™ final rinse temperature control.

The washer is designed to have a single-point electrical connection for the motor, controls, heater, and booster. The wash tank, the inside wash chamber, and all external surfaces are constructed of 18/8 stainless steel. The wash system is equipped with a 1-hp wash pump driving a polypropylene lower fixed manifold and upper rotating spray arm. Integrally molded nozzles are designed to be heat- and alkali-resistant.

The rinse system uses an independent rinse pump driving upper and lower rinse arms made of 18/8 stainless steel. The integral electric booster provides 180°F-195°F (82°C-91°C) rinse water, independent of water line pressure. A separate pump in the drain system provides lift up to 24 in above floor level.

The GS 302 has a food soil strainer system, consisting of a scrap screen and scrap basket, and is also equipped with the Mediamat™ Cyclo Filter System, which filters out fine debris and floating particles during the wash process. The unit is equipped with a detergent dispenser and reservoir and a rinse-aid dispenser and reservoir. www.insingermachine.com

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