Rinsing Away Costs
September 2004
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Hobart Corporation (Troy, OH, U.S.) announced a new commercial warewasher technology in June 2004 that will be used in its C-Line conveyor warewashers. The Opti-Rinse™ System is said to be capable of cutting water usage and costs in half, along with associated sanitary sewer costs and water heating energy costs.

The technology uses patent-pending rinse spray nozzles designed to consume 50 percent less water and energy than the industry-standard fan-spray nozzles while delivering stronger performance. Hobart explains that the commonly used fan spray nozzles create a flow that tends to be heavier on the outside edges and more atomized (with smaller droplets) in the center.

"The new Hobart Opti-Rinse System nozzles rely on low and high pressures that cause the water stream to oscillate back and forth in an S-pattern as it escapes the nozzle," says Phil Ratermann, general manager of Hobart’s Warewash unit. "The key to this new system is the larger drops that are created and the drastic improvement in heat transfer they provide. The result is a more uniform coverage and a more forceful stream of water moving in a rapid back and forth motion at 30 times per second."

The system is said to lower the cost of ownership and operating by cutting the water used in half—from 1.49 gal per rack to 0.74 gal per rack. This also halves the amount of water disposed of in the sanitary sewer, as well as the amount of energy required to heat the water. The amount of rinse agent/chemical needed is also reduced. www.hobartcorp.com

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