Power Server
July 2004
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The Xserve® G5 from Apple Computer, Inc. (Cupertino, CA, U.S.) is said to be the company’s most powerful Xserve yet, delivering more than 30 gigaflops of processing power per system. The server, which is said to have 60 percent more processing power than the company’s G4-based Xserve, features the same PowerPC G5, 64-bit processor used in the world’s third-fastest supercomputer.

Further enhancing the server’s power is a new system controller that has up to 8 GB of PC3200 error-correcting code memory and three hot-plug Serial ATA drive modules, which deliver up to 750 GB of storage. Other features include dual PCI-X slots, supporting 133-MHz PCI-X cards with more than 1 GBps of throughput, and dual on-board Gigabit Ethernet for high-performance networking.

The server, which was introduced to the market in February, is built on the engineering used in Apple’s Power Mac G5 computer, which integrates a dual PowerPC G5 processor into a small 1U enclosure. A copper heat sink design removes heat from the processors while eight high-performance fans provide airflow for cooling the system. The fans are individually monitored by a dedicated fan control processor. The 1U enclosure has more than 30 sensors that monitor the server’s critical system functions, such as temperature control.

Available in three standard configurations, the Xserve G5 is said to be ideal for cross-platform file and print, workgroup management, video streaming, database applications, high-performance computing, and Web and mail serving.

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