Infrared Thermometer
August 2004
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The ThermoTrace Waterproof Low-Temp Infrared Thermometer, Model 15006-40, expands the company’s line of non-contact IR thermometers. According to the company, the unit is completely waterproof (IP67 compliant) and can be washed and sanitized for applications in multiple industries. The thermometer is suited for uses in the food industry because of its temperature display range,
-40°F to 428°F (-40°C to 220°C), useful for instant, surface temperature screening of food during hot holding, in chilled displays, and refrigerated storage for HACCP and food safety procedures. The unit can also be used as a diagnostic tool for refrigeration technicians and to read temperatures of moving parts or to check surfaces in hard-to-reach places. DeltaTRAK, Inc.

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