Lighting Accessories
July 2004
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The company has developed an ultra-miniature 12 V fixed output d.c./a.c. power inverter measuring just 1/4-in diam by 1.4-in length. The inverter can power lamps as small as 2 bu 25 mm and as large as 5 by 150 mm. Typical performance characteristics include 12-V d.c. input voltage, 800-Vrm output voltage, 105-kHz output frequency, 150-mA input current, 4-mArm output current, and 25°C operating temperature. Possible applications range from inspection of bore scopes and pipes, to operation in any constricted environment where space is an issue. The inverters are available in single, dual, and dimming models ranging from 3 to 24 V and from 3 to 20 W. JKL Components Corporation

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