Leak Test Instrument
July 2004
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The Sentinel M24 leak test instrument is said to provide very repeatable, high-resolution tests, fast cycle times, a brilliant VFD graphic display, and an enhanced operator interface. The instrument reportedly reduces part fill and exhaust times by 80 percent and can function in single- or multiple-station configurations. The instrument provides auto calibration and corrects for temperature changes and features a Quik Test function that reportedly saves up to 80 percent of test cycle time to increase process efficiency. The instrument enclosure is compact in size, measuring only 16 by 14 by 8 in. The M24 can communicate directly to factory or other networks by linking to Ethernet, or through conventional RS232 and RS485 ports, and can even beam messages directly to personal digital assistants (PDAs) or send e-mail alerts to key process personnel.
Cincinnati Test Systems, Inc.

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