Specialty Power Cord Lines
July 2004
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A supplier of appliance and medical-grade power cords, the company is introducing three new specialty power cords aimed at resolving power cord issues in tough, high-flex applications. The company’s Vaccummflex(TM) power cords, designed for use in vacuum cleaner applications, are said to outperform ordinary SVT/SJT cordages and feature extreme flex life, abrasion resistance, and mechanical strength at the same price of ordinary cordages, according to the company. The cordages are said to be lead-free and fulfill CA Prop 65 and IEC Directives on heavy metals content. The company’s Ironflex(TM) specialty cordage, designed for electric iron applications, is constructed with the company’s proprietary FLEXXON-R(TM) synthetic rubber polymers, which are said to withstand extreme flexing and anti-arching characteristics. According to the company, Ironflex cordages are designed with a glossy smooth surface for excellent retraction in cord reel applications and are available in HPN and HHFF versions for North American and Japanese markets. The company’s MEDI-TOUGH(TM) power cords are said to faultlessly function in critical environments. Utilizing TPU jackets for high mechanical strength and crush resistance, the cordages can be coiled with retractability and can be used in wiring harness applications.

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