Low Insertion Force Locking Contact
July 2004
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According to the company, its SRSF Series contacts provide easy, positive locking to 0.250-in by 0.032-in tabs. A locking spring is said to engage the hole in NEMA-style 0.250-in tabs, preventing accidental unmating, and is useful in high vibration environments. The contacts are disconnected by pushing the contact locking spring or pulling on the housing if a housing is used. The SRSF contacts can be used with either the company’s PS Series or RSF Series housings. The contacts and associated housings are said to match all types of appliance power cords. They are rated at 20 A a.c./d.c. with 12 AWG wire at 250 V a.c./d.c. Wire range is #22 to #12 AWG, and the contacts are stamped from pre-tin or unplated brass and nickel-plated steel. JST Corporation

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