Piggyback Plugs
July 2004
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The company has introduced economically priced, UL/CUL piggyback plugs (pictured) available on rubber and PVC cordage. Oil-resistant and outdoor use/water-resistant wire versions of SV, SVT, SJ, SJT, S, SO, and SJO types are available. A nylon breather tube is optional on 3-conductor products. The UC-026 (3 conductor) and UC-027 (2 conductor) are straight-through piggybacks. The UC-028 (3 conductor) can either be straight-through or wired as a switching plug (series connected) if preferred. The company also offers products that meet the new Australian plug standard AS/SNZ 3112. Effective Jan. 1, 2005, all plugs manufactured are required to have both live and neutral leads partially insulated. The new standard also applies to both 2- and 3-conductor plugs with 10 A and 15 A ratings, which the company’s existing plug series can meet. Unicable, Inc.

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