Hospital-Grade Plugs
July 2004
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The company’s hospital-grade plugs, said to be specifically built to withstand extreme conditions, have been re-designed with new features. The plugs now feature a solid, round ground pin (versus the standard U-shape) in addition to solid blades. The new ground pins reportedly release easily and are less likely to get wedged in a receptacle. The smooth release is said to minimize bending and damage to equipment and receptacles from heavy usage. The plugs also feature a new internal strain relief system, which, according to the company, consistently passed excessive abrupt removal and rotary flex testing, ensuring that external forces will not be transmitted to the connector and blade connection. In addition, the plugs feature a new blade and ground pin bridge construction that is said to offer substantial retention of the blade and ground pins after extensive chemical resistance tests. The new hospital-grade plugs are available as any male plug in any orientation, with enhanced ground pin strength and breakage resistance, and in standard black, gray, clear, and matching colors.
Electri-Cord Manufacturing

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