Maytag™ Cordless Iron
May 2004
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The Maytag™ Cordless Iron is equipped with a docking cradle. The iron recharges with a 1,440-W power boost each time it is placed in the cradle. The cradle is plugged into the power so the iron remains cord-free, allowing for unrestricted ironing.

The unit has an ergonomically designed handle that adds to the flexibility by allowing left-hand or right-hand use. In addition, the water reservoir can be snapped off to give the iron a smaller profile and allow access to tight, hard-to-reach areas such as shirt cuffs.

The iron has a heat-resistant Therma-Dome™ storage case allowing the user to put the hot iron away immediately after use.

The Maytag™ Cordless Iron Model MLI7500A has a scratch-resistant titanium sole plate, designed for drag-free ironing. The unit is equipped with AccuTemp™ electronic temperature controls and has a suggested retail price of U.S. $149.

The Model MLI7000A has a Tempraglide™ stainless steel sole plate. It is equipped with Adjusti-temp™ mechanical dial controls and has a suggest price of U.S. $129.

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