VillaWare Smoothee-Bar™ Blender & Server Dual Station
May 2004
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Tilia, Inc., says the VillaWare® Smoothee-Bar™ Blender & Server Dual Station is a first of its kind in the categry. It is equipped with two 700-W pulse power motors and dual-blending hopper, making it easy to blend and serve two separate flavors at once. Tilia, which distributes the unit, says the dual blender is idea for making healthy smoothies and desserts as well as chilled beverages like margaritas and piña coladas.

Linda Graebner, president and CEO of Tilia, Inc., says the unit addresses important consumer trends. "Consumers want quick-to-prepare foods that are healthy and delicious, and individuals want to select flavors and ingredients to their own taste. This item also reflects the popularity of today's stainless steel décor and the trend toward professional-style equipment adapted for home use."

The Smoothee-Bar is said to mix and serve smoothies faster than ordinary blenders, then dispense them through the Smoothee-Spout spigots on the front of each container. The unit allows the user to serve continuously, even while mixing. It has a washable drip tray and accommodates glasses up to 6 in high.

The pulse-power motor offers three blending speeds: pulse, low, and high. Pulse is designed to break up larger ingredients before blending. On the low setting, the Smoothee-Stick keeps thicker ingredients moving and breaks up air pockets. On high, the blender whirls ingredients to the desired consistency.

The two blenders each have a 7-cup capacity. The containers are made of a durable plastic and have ingredient markings for 2-4 serving sizes on one side and cups/ounces on the other. Plastic caps allow smoothies to be stored in their containers in the refrigerator. The housing is stainless steel with black plastic accents and large buttons located on each side of the machine.

The dual Smoothee-Bar blender has a suggested retail price of $89.95.

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