Bosch Toasters
May 2004
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Bosch introduced two compact, 2-slice toasters at the 2004 International Home & Housewares Show. Both units have 950 W of power.

The toasters are designed with an automatic bread centering system. New Product Manager Marni Rader told APPLIANCE magazine that, as the user presses the bread lever down, metal grates on either side of the bread move toward the slices to keep both sides equidistant from the heat source.

The toaster's extended lift feature helps keep toast from getting stuck. It also has a retractable bun warmer and a roasting chamber.

The toaster is offered in two models. The Model TAT4610 has a suggested retail price of U.S. $44.99. Additional features on the $59.99 Model TAT4620 (pictured) include a defrost setting and reheat function.

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