T-Fal - Aquaspeed 155™ Iron
May 2004
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The Aquaspeed 155™ Iron is the flagship of T-Fal's Ultraglide Diffusion™ Line of irons. T-Fal says it designed the new iron to have a smoother-gliding enamel sole plate, an easy-to-fill water reservoir, powerful steam diffusion, and added stability.

Key to the Ultraglide Diffusion Irons is the patented sole plate, said to glide more smoothly than non-stick sole plates while offering the durability of stainless steel. It has 65 steam holes with 41 micro-holes, providing a high degree of steam diffusion and a sophisticated look.

"Our exclusive non-stick enamel sole plate is so durable, we back it with a 10-year warranty—meaning you don't have to slow down for metal zippers or buttons. With that combination, ironing becomes amazingly fast and easy," states Scott Meyer, president of T-FAL Corporation.

Other design benefits include a large opening in the heel of the iron for filling the water reservoir. This is designed to make it easy to fill the iron from the faucet without spills.

The company conducted consumer research to determine what key features gave more satisfying and dependable ironing.

"One simple fact we discovered was that most irons break because they fall, due to a lack of stability," said Mr. Meyer. "This led us to increase the size of the new iron's base to provide exceptional stability."

Other features of the Aquaspeed Model 155 include:

•Six steam tip holes for easier ironing of collars, buttons, and pleats.

•Vertical steaming capability for drapes and delicate garments.

•Continuous steam output.

•Burst of steam capability for stubborn creases

•Variable steam control.

•3-way auto-off function.

•Extra-large water tank for fewer refills.

•A self-cleaning system that includes an anti-clogging valve.

•Unique back opening for increased stability.

The Aquaspeed 155 will be available in the U.S. in September 2004 at a suggested retail price of U.S. $69.99.

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