Copper Cold Spray
June 2004
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ASB Industries has introduced a new copper cold spray coating for heat-sink technology, which will reportedly permit heat sinks to be copper-coated using the cold-spray technique.

According to the company, the cold-spray method produces superior coating results compared to competitive options. Cold-spray copper coating reportedly produces a coating with less than 0.2-percent oxygen content, porosity of less than 1 percent, and results in a coating with high electrical and thermal conductivity. Copper cold-spray coatings can reportedly be applied to a wide variety of base materials, including aluminum, as well as other non-ferrous and ferrous metals.

The company says copper cold spray is ideal for heat sinks and other computer, electrical, and electronic components because of the ultra-purity of the coating material, the precise control of surface thickness, and the quality of the coating. While the copper cold-spray system is ideal for electronic components, it also is said to have a wide range of other applications in other industries. In addition, copper is just one material that may be utilized as the coating material. According to the company, many materials, including aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, Inconels, MMCs, and others, are available.

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