June 2004
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InsulToneā„¢, a lightweight, air-laid polyester acoustical blanket was designed for use in applications that require high acoustical and thermal efficiency in minimal space, such as HVAC, office furniture, appliances, and high-fidelity speakers. According to the company, the blanket comprises the highest quality insulation materials, which are said to be resistant to fungi and bacteria growth and are unaffected by grease and oil. The insulation is available in both white and gray fiber color, and can be fabricated to fit a customerĀ¹s specifications. In addition, the insulation forms are said to easily around corners and curved surfaces, while resisting damage during fabrication and installation due to its high tensile strength. The product is available in widths up to 60 in (1.524 mm), thickness from 0.25 to 2.0 in (6.3 to 51 mm), and weights from 6 to 20 oz/yd2 (20 to 60 g/ft2)
LIT Industries, Inc.

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