Power Relay
June 2004
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The AZ2510 relay is the company┬╣s latest offering in the low-cost power relay market. According to the company, the capacity to handle up to 24,000 VA (100 A at 240 V a.c.) makes it ideal for a wide range of applications including HVAC, UPS systems, lighting controls, industrial heating, and spa controls. The relay features a dielectric strength of 4,000 Vrms from contact to coil and 2,000 Vrms between open contacts. Reportedly, all that is required is a 50 msec pulse to either ┬│set┬2 or ┬│reset┬2 the relay. Single- and dual-coil versions are available. The coil connections are made via PCB terminals with the power connections made via heavy bus type rigid terminals with threaded holes. The relay also features a manual position indicator, which may be used for manual operation or to drive a micro-switch.
American Zettler, Inc.

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