Power Supplies
June 2004
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To meet the increased safety and reliability demands required for many low-voltage power supply applications, the company has introduced a new line of general-purpose switched-mode power supplies ­ the Allen-Bradley® Bulletin 1606. The comprehensive line of low-voltage power supplies accepts wide ranges of both a.c. and d.c. input voltages and has global approvals to meet worldwide single-phase and three-phase application requirements. The new line includes two families‹the 1606 XL (standard) and the 1606-XLP. All units feature an overload design that is said to deliver up to 80 percent higher continuous current (above maximum device rating) at a reduced voltage, with no negative thermal effects. This, the company says, eliminates the need for designers to oversize the power supply system and minimizes potential overload damage. Rockwell Automation

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