ECM Motor
May 2004
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According to the company, the ECM 84 Series motor has been designed for efficient, air-moving applications in North America, Europe, and Asia, and is 40 percent more efficient than traditional PSC motors. The ECM 84 Series is suitable for applications up to 90 W and was designed for smaller-output requirements of energy-recovery ventilators, fan coils, small blowers, fan-filter units, and VAV terminal units. The motor contains a built-in programmable microprocessor that can be used to deliver constant speed, torque, or airflow. The company’s patented constant-airflow technology allows the user to select and maintain an airflow regardless of static pressure by automatically adjusting its torque to maintain the programmed set point. In addition, the motor can be adjusted to avoid any resonant frequencies, as it is programmable. The company says the motor controls are covered with conformal coating to help make them moisture-resistant and control options include PWM or binary input. The motor is said to be available in ratings up to 90 W, 120 V a.c., or 240 V a.c. with a speed range of 500 to 3,000 rpm. The motor is said to be built permanently lubricated with 8-mm ball bearings and is pending UL, CSA, and CE certification.
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