Motor Controller
May 2004
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The company has introduced its ST7MC MCU as part of its 8-bit MCU offering. The control is said to be specifically intended for the control of three-phase induction and permanent magnet brushless motors, including compressors. The company says the control features its on-chip motor control peripheral, the MTC, which consists of three-phase Pulse Width Modulator on six high-sink outputs. The outputs are said to have a high, flexible Back EMF zero-crossing detector and coprocessor unit for the sensorless control of permanent magnet brushless d.c. motors. THe patented three resistors sensorless control method reportedly provides the lowest possible system cost and the highest system integration for brushless d.c. motor control. According to the company, the MTC's input pins can also be configured for Hall, tachometer, or encoder sensing. The filters and settings are said to allow the control of any star or delta wound motor from 12 to 240 V. The device is said to handle both motion and upper layer functions, and features four different power - saving modes. Applications include air - conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, automative fans and pumps, HVAC fans and actuators, office automation, and low - end to medium electrical drives.

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