Pump Motors
May 2004
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The company has introduced a new, full line of commercial-duty pump motors, ranging from 1/3 to 40 hp, that are available in single- and three-phase ODP and TEFC constructions. The motors, used in industrial and HVAC applications, offer NEMA 56C, 56J, JM, JP, T, TC, and TCZ mountings. According to the company, the motors are the shortest length in the industry and are easy to fit into product designs. The motors feature 303 stainless steel shaft extensions for corrosion resistance, drip covers for vertical shaft-down applications, and a non-metallic switch arm for reliable contact point gap and wiping action to help ensure long motor lifeā€”as the switch is said to never need adjustment. Appilcations include booster and irrigation pumps, commercial dishwasher pumps, parts washer pumps, and watering and de-watering applications. All motors are said to be factory tested before packaging and contain Class F insulation.
Emerson Motor Technologies

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