Brake Actuator
May 2004
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Using an electromechanical device that stimulates the operation of a solenoid, the company’s traction module can be used in the brake control system of washing machine vats in addition to other applications, depending on customer needs. The company’s traction module consists of an actuating shaft mechanically coupled to a reducer that is connectable to a synchronous motor. Electrical power leads are also said to connect a solenoid and are electrically connected to the motor by means of a switch, where the metallic shaft is displaced in accordance with the shaft’s position. When used in a washing machine vat braking system, the actuator reportedly replaces the need of a solenoid. According to the company, the system comprises a braking element, usually a belt, that surrounds a portion projecting from the vat and is actuated by a spring mechanism. When the device is deactivated, the belt is forced against the projecting portion of the vat by action of the spring, causing the springs to rotate by reason of the friction created between the belt and the vat. The traction module is available for 127 V 60 Hz, 220 V 60 Hz, and 230 V 50 Hz.
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