Brushless D.C. Motor
May 2004
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?VtbN?any has developed two brushless d.c. motors that reportedly consume less than half the energy of conventional C-frame subfractional horsepower motors. According to the company, the new designs will replace current C-frame models of evaporator motors and condenser motors in frost-free refrigerators and help U.S. manufacturers reach the new energy-efficiency standards and achieve the Energy Star® rating. Due to a certain envelope (inside the refrigerator) that the motor must fit in, space limited the motor to a size similar to a C-frame. The company transformed the C-frame to a brushless d.c. motor to eliminate any re-tooling. An electronics board was created that would plug into the customer’s system directly. The EPC electronics group and VNR design group took the initial concepts of a permanent-magnet motor, using ceramic ferrite magnets, with the drive electronics mounted on the motor along with the basic motor design, customer-supplied proofs, and 3D parts to design a 3D motor to fit the space. The company says it also has designed an area to mount electronics to the motor.
A.O. Smith Electrical Products Company

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