Driver System
May 2004
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The company offers MYCOM’s patented 5-Phase STAR Driver Stepping Systems, a series of low-cost stepper motors and drives that are said to offer increased true resolution with virtually no low-speed resonance problems. The company’s NanoDrive™ is said to offer users true resolution of more than 500,000 steps per revolution for high accuracy and low vibration. The company also offers 5- and 2-phase stepper motors with matching drivers, customized multi-axis programmable stand-alone controllers for steppers and digital servos, and ISA and PCI-Bus motion controller cards. Part of the company’s PEE series of motors, the PEE533A(B) and PEE535A(B) have a 28-mm case diameter and reportedly fit with most mechanically-designed enclosures associated within the semiconductor, medical and scientific, robotic, and industrial machine industries. The motors are said to be virtually maintenance free. With a step angle accuracy of +/- 5 min and an operating environment temperature of -10°C to 50°C, the PEE Stepper Motor Series also accepts pulse and direction position commands for easy set-up. The models are available as single- and double-shafted models with 0.75 A winding. Gear mechanisms are available and can be mounted on the motors for enhanced torque and power.
Nyden Corporation, a subsidiary of MYCOM, Inc.

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