Centrifugal and Axial Fans
May 2004
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Specializing in the HVACR industry, the company introduces an expanded selection of products, including a broad line of centrifugal and axial fans powered by quiet, compact motors. The company’s new air-moving devices will include backward- and forward-curved blowers, engineered propellers, and other styles in small sizes to units suitable for residential or light industrial use. The company says its fans allow the assimilation of motor and impeller, permitting the ideal power matching and balancing on the complete unit. The motor is said to tolerate high-slip speeds such that the fan tends to increase in speed as the system pressure is increased. The external rotor is continuously cooled in the manner of a rotating heat-sink as the motor is generally in the air stream. This is said to keep the motor dimensionally compact and aid in the overall efficiency of the unit.
Lau Industries, Inc.

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