D.C. Actuator & Control System
May 2004
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The company offers a d.c. actuator that reportedly can be used in environments as varied as medical applications such as hospital beds to office furniture. Featuring a light-weight construction and die cast zinc clevis, the 3-in d.c. motor has an extruded aluminum housing and a micro-switch for accurate and repeatable positioning. With a maximum thrust of 1,500 lbs and maximum speed of 50 in/min, the company says its product meets thrust and speed performance of most of its a.c. voltage systems and can be designed with two, three, or four actuators. The control system features 120 V a.c. input, with 24 V output to the actuators. A drive-through shaft is included for manual override systems and a J-box can be remote-mounted or mounted to any designed actuator.
Fasco Motors

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