Geared Motors
May 2004
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The company has introduced two new geared motors. The a.c. geared motor 82 Series features a single-phase permanent split capacitor motor. Made from POM, the gear reportedly maintains a lower noise level (under 50 dB) and maintains a longer life. The company says the modulus of the output gear is large enough for the gear to support a maximum torque of 29.4 nm. All the gears are said to be helic in the driving part, maintaining a smooth and quiet run. The company says it can offer a variety of 82 Series motors with output power ranging from 30 to 90 W and with output speeds ranging from 10 to 30 rpm. The company also offers the d.c. geared motor 7 Series, which is said to be driven by a worm gear, increasing torque. Made of plastic, the worm gear features a buffer that reportedly reduces force. The 7 Series also features a trechometer controller and a thermal protector, and EMC components are used to reduce electromagnetic interference. According to the company, rated voltage is d.c. 12 to 24 V with a maximum torque of 5 nm. The company says it can offer Series 7 motors with output powers ranging from 50 to 80 W and with output speeds ranging from 120 to 250 rpm. Dongsheng Motor Manufactory

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