Wire Stripping Machine
May 2004
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The company’s semi-automatic programmable wire stripping machine was designed to process applications and cable types, including discrete wire up to 6 AWG (16 mm2), power cords (including multiple conductors with different lengths in one cycle), multi-conductor cables, flat cables, sensor cables, and others. The UniStrip 2600 is fully electric and features strong, quiet drives and fast cycle times. Additional benefits include v-blades and grippers to minimize tooling charges, 1,000 program memory for instant recall and quick production changes, maximum strip lengths up to 80 mm, and maximum pull-off lengths up to 40 mm for application flexibility. Programming the UniStrip 2600 is said to be simple with its cable library (programmable in AWG and in mm2), menu-guided software and a graphic display that allows the user to view a schematic diagram of the cable end, complete with programmed dimensions. In addition to the standard programmable processing parameters, the operator can include a stripping delay, slug discard function, trimming, multiple stripping, multiple steps and selectable process order, clamping force, and air-ejection time. Once values are entered for a particular application, the user can name and save the file. The device also accepts universal v, radius, die, and custom blades for several applications, including full pull-off, full pull-off and recut, partial pull-off, partial pull-off and recut, multiple strips, power cords with different strip lengths, sensor cables with short break-out lengths, flat cables (jacket), flat cables (jacket and conductors), and double-insulated cables. Schleuniger, Inc.

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