Brush - Commutated D.C. Motors
May 2004
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The PITTMAN(R) LO-COG(R) 22 mm brush-commutated iron-core d.c. motors are said to be ideal for applications requiring the power of an “ironless core” or “coreless” motor without the associated cost. Typical applications include data storage, medical/biotech, semiconductor, automation, and other applications where d.c. motors must be relatively small, yet powerful. Utilizing a skewed 5-slot armature design and bonded neodymium iron boron magnets, the PITTMAN LO-COG 22 mm (Series 6000™) motors can reportedly provide more power than most other d.c. motors of similar size. The motors can achieve maximum peak torques up to 10.2 oz-in and speeds up to 8,550 rpm. The motors are available in three lengths (1.256 in, 1.556 in, and 1.901 in), which includes the newest longer model said to be able to provide up to 40 percent more continuous torque (up to 2 oz - in) compared with shorter 22 - mm - diam products.
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