Brushless Motor
May 2004
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The company has expanded its product offering for variable speed brushless motors, blowers, pumps, and electronic drives to include electronic control technology. Newly added features are said to allow designers increased flexibility for direct customization by application and a more precise control system. Key operating features include reliable low-speed operation, surge protection, and closed-loop feedback. The new IntelliGen WINDJAMMER and MINIJAMMER premium BLd.c. blowers incorporate an integrated electronic controller that utilizes digital signal processor (DSP) technology. External electronic modules and an internal version for the motor and pump product lines are also available. Among the company’s intelligent monitoring and protection features are over- and under-voltage protection, short circuit protection, and fault LED indication for easy troubleshooting. Availabe customized options include serial communications interface, logic inputs/outputs, and an external pressure/flow sensor.

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