Fastener Installation Press
April 2004
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The latest model of the PEMSERTER® Series 2000® automatic fastener-installation press system is said to have enhancements which are engineered to promote streamlined job productivity and quality, while installing self-clinching fasteners permanently in thin metal sheets. The press includes updated software-operating features, including Smart-Dwell/Force Verification, which is said to ensure consistent, reliable, and secure low-force fastener installations; Soft-Touch, which according to the company, offers unprecedented ram-speed control combined with gentle workpiece contact to reduce noise and provide added workpiece protection; Fastener Length Monitoring (FLM) to flag and reject parts identified by the system as too short or too long; Setup Access Codes with three "fail-safe" levels to maintain desired installation parameters; and upgraded Maintenance Diagnostics to aid in troubleshooting and service. PennEngineering Fastening Technologies

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