Spirally Cut Cable Wrap
March 2004
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M.M. Newman Corporation offers a new catalog featuring spirally cut cable wrap and abrasion protector, and extruded TFE/FEP/PFA, corrugated, convoluted, and heat-shrinkable tubing. The Heli-TubeĀ® Spirally Cut Cable Wrap and Abrasion Protector Catalog features descriptions for the products that are offered in the following materials: natural polyethylene, polyethylene in colors, UV-resistant black polyethylene, gray polyethylene, fire-resistant white polyethylene, natural nylon, black nylon, and TFE. Sizes range from 1/16-in to 1-1/2-in O.D. The catalog describes packaging options and special services. Other tubing varieties include extruded TFE tubing in varying wall thicknesses, corrugated and convoluted TFE and FEP tubing, and heat-shrinkable tubing in many sizes.
M.M. Newman Corporation

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