Cleanroom Fans
March 2004
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The company's new line of fans includes fans with power consumption, noise, and airflow characteristics that are said to be ideal for cleanroom ventilation. Among the most popular are free-blowing fans with external rotor motors and backward-curved impellers often used in cleanroom fan-filter modules. Available in diameters from 9 to 28 in, the fans are said to be designed for easy installation and maintenance. Radial fans with backward-curved impellers come in sizes from 5.71 to 22.05 in with a maximum capacity of 16,450 cfm. Forward-curved radial fans are available with impeller diameters of 5.24 to 15.75 in and a maximum capacity of 8,800 cfm. All are 100-percent speed controllable.
Rosenberg USA, Inc.

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