Temperature Probes
March 2004
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The company recently introduced the LS400 and LS700 Series of temperature probes developed for life sciences applications. The disposable, cost-effective NTC thermistors reportedly provide high-sensitivity response for a wide range of temperature measurement and monitoring systems, especially for medical applications. Offered in two sensor designs for skin or catheter use, the LS Series is compatible with both YSI 400 and 700 temperature monitor instruments. Performance characteristics include resistance values of 25°C at 2252 ? (LS400 Series) and 6 K/30 K ? at 25°C (LS700 Series). Interchangeable tolerances are available in ±0.10°C, 0.20°C, ±0.50°C, and ±1.00°C with dissipation constants of 2.5 mW/°C in still air and 13 mW/°C in stirred oil. The probes measure 0.078-in diam and feature an epoxy-filled PVC cup and Kynar®-insulated wire.
Selco Products Company

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