PVC Air Hose
March 2004
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The NewAge Premium Air Hose features a pressure resistance of open-mesh polyester braiding, the toughness of flexible PVC, and a 400-psi rating, according to the company. It is said to be an ideal choice for air tools, pneumatic actuators and motors, air wash systems, compressors, gauges, and general shop air supply. The hose is also said to be a substitute for the common rubber hose in many applications. Because it weighs 25- to 40-percent less than a rubber hose, it is easier to handle and maneuver. The double-twisted polyester braid reinforcement reportedly helps it resist kinking, while the PVC material reportedly withstands cracking, rotting, and hardening, resulting in an air hose with superior durability. Five air hose colors are available, and hose colors can be coordinated with other equipment.
NewAge Industries, Inc.

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