Power Transformers
March 2004
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The company's SPWC-4500 Series of International Chassis-Mount Power Transformers has 0.187-in quick connect terminals. All units within the series have dual winding primaries and secondaries, allowing for an input voltage of 115/230 V 50/60 Hz, and output voltages ranging from 5.0 V a.c. to 120 V a.c. at 6.0 V A. The UL-94VO split-section bobbin and shroud assembly reportedly meets the strict creepage and clearance distances found in Europe and other world markets while providing a 4,500-VRMS hipot rating from primaries to secondaries. The new series also incorporates independently isolated windings, lead breakout isolation tapes, and the company's epoxy resin impregnation systems. Package dimensions for the SPWC-4500 series are 1.8-in L x 1.740-in W x 1.665-in H. Mounting holes in the attached mounting plate are 1.718-in on centers with 0.187-in diam holes. The major dimension across the mounting plate is 2 in.
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