Conduit Fittings
March 2004
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Metallic liquid-tight fittings for use with flexible, electrical conduit in motor, transformer connectors, and electrical panels of all kinds are available from the company. They are said to protect electric wires and cables from physical damage by sealing out water, airborne debris, and other undesirable elements across a range of indoor and outdoor applications in a variety of climate or weather conditions. Typically, these fittings are used in commercial environments such as transformer, motor, and electrical cabinets, air-conditioning, heating, and machinery chassis. The fittings are available in straight and 90-degree sweep styles, in 1/2-in and 3/4-in trade sizes. Constructed of die-cast zinc for durability and resistance to abuse, the fittings are said to withstand temperatures of -22° F to +212° F and are UL- and CUL-listed.
Heyco Products, Inc.

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