May 2004
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Crimping Solutions
Booth No. 282

From loose piece termination to fully automated wire processing, Schleuniger’s complete crimping line offers ease of use, application versatility, and repeatable results. Schleuniger offers a variety of crimping machines that include stripper/crimpers, loose-piece crimping machines, fully automatic cut, strip, and terminate machines, as well as quality assurance devices.

The newest addition to the Schleuniger crimping line is the ECM 550 economic crimping machine. The ECM 550 is a 3.3-ton crimping press that will accept most mini-style crimping applicators for crimping applications up to 10 AWG. The sturdy construction ensures years of quiet and reliable operation. Press shut height can be easily adjusted, and the operator can select one of four crimping speeds from the front of the press. A sturdy, integrated safety shield provides ample protection for your operators, yet allows them to work efficiently. The shield opens completely to reduce set-up time when exchanging applicators. For quality assurance, an optional crimp force monitor can be added and integrated into a complete quality network with pull test and crimp height measurement devices.

The CrimpCenter 12 automatic cut, strip, and terminate machine is a low-cost, economical, user-friendly alternative for basic cut, strip and terminate applications for wires ranging from 10 to 26 AWG. The CC 12 is specifically designed to process high volumes of single conductor leads as well as both open and closed barrel terminals and vertical doubling applications.

For more information, contact Schleuniger’s North American Headquarters, 87 Colin Drive, Manchester, NH, U.S. 03103; Tel: +603/668-8117; Fax: +603/668-8119; Web site:


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