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May 2004
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Self-Compensating Hose Clamps
Booth No. 259

Rotor Clamp, Inc. produces a line of self-compensating hose clamps for low-pressure applications in single-wire, double-wire, and constant tension band (CTB) configurations. These clamps expand and contract with the hose in response to temperature changes in the application. They cannot be over or under tightened and are installed and removed easily using either manual or pneumatic tools. Clamps also are a good alternative to gluing hoses to manifolds, providing extremely effective clamping without the use of messy glues that could potentially clog the hose line.

Single-wire clamps have the most effective holding force and clamping strength. The single-wire concentrates the clamping force in one specific area around the hose. Single-wire clamps can be used on such applications as household appliances (laundry machines, dishwashers, etc.), heating and air-conditioning systems, the automotive and truck industry, off-road vehicles, utility vehicles (lawn tractors, golf carts, etc.), snowmobiles, boats, and personal watercrafts.

Double-wire clamps are used where a lower clamping force than offered by single-wire clamps is sufficient and aesthetics are important. The double-wound wire spreads out the clamping force around the hose and is more cost effective than single-wire clamps. Applications include spa fixtures, appliances, heating and air-conditioning, some automotive and truck systems, and utility vehicles.

CTB clamps are used in applications where a lower clamping force than offered by single-wire clamps is sufficient, but a higher clamping force than produced by double-wire clamps is needed. CTBs are found in spa applications, as well as in the automotive and truck industry.

Other factors to take into consideration when choosing a clamp style include the size of the hose and fitting, whether gas or liquid will flow through the hose, and at what pressure. One should also take clearance into account to determine whether a clamp style will fit into the application. Testing a variety of different clamps helps in finding the best fit for the application.

For more information, contact Rotor Clamp at +800/547-6867, or visit Certified to ISO/TS 16949:2002.

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