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May 2004
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Motor Control
Booth No. 267

Microchip Technology makes it easy for appliance designers of all experience levels to complete a high-performance electronic motor control design quickly and cost effectively. Only Microchip provides everything a motor control design engineer needs—low-risk product development, lower total system cost, faster time-to-market, outstanding technical support, and dependable delivery and quality. Microchip, a leading supplier of microcontroller and analog semiconductors, offers a broad product portfolio that provides a complete system solution for your stepper motor, brushed d.c. motor, a.c. induction motor, variable speed brushless d.c. motor, and switched reluctance motor applications.

Take advantage of Microchip’s world-class development tools for PIC® 8-bit microcontrollers and dsPIC® 16-bit digital signal controllers, including programmers, emulators, debuggers, and additional evaluation kits. Operating under the free MPLAB® Integrated Development Environment, Microchip’s development systems are easy-to-use and help reduce design time.

We understand the value of a complete design solution. That’s why we maintain a worldwide network of sales and support. Our technical support is unmatched with a global network of experienced field application engineers and technical support personnel ready to provide product and system assistance to help you further streamline your design, prototype, and production activities. Microchip makes it easy to add electronic motor control functionality to your embedded appliance design. For access to Microchip’s complete motor control design resources, visit the Motor Control Design Center at www.microchip.com/motor. Whether you are a motor control expert or a beginner, this dedicated site provides you everything you need to complete your motor control design. For more information, contact Microchip Technology at +888/MCU-MCHP.


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