LH Industries Corporation
May 2004
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Lamination Dies
Booth No. 271

LH Industries Corporation, comprising LH Carbide, LH Stamping, LH Controls, and LH Automation, has been building lamination dies of the highest quality and most advanced technology since 1966.

LHI has led the industry in patented technology for more than 20 years, currently with more than 30 U.S. and foreign patents in-force. In the 1980s, LH Carbide pioneered the flexible and powerful Autolokā„¢ process to automatically skew and rotate (for gamma compensation) rotor and/or stator interlocked stacks for electric motors. LH Controls grew out of the need for sophisticated die controllers, utilizing servo drives, to operate these tools.

LH Stamping also emerged in the 1980s, first as a division to stamp copper alloys for connectors and terminals. Later, as more and more complexity was designed into our Autolok dies, customers started to ask us to run their dies in our presses. So, today LH Stamping is also a high-volume producer of interlocked stacks of laminations.

With the invention of the Varilok process, described in detail in the APPLIANCE New Product Digest section of this issue, LH Carbide die technology was elevated to a still higher plane, requiring similar advancement in our controls technology and also in part handling and part measurement. LH Automation is our latest division, an important addition to our repertoire, made necessary in part by the continuous advancement of our die and stamping technologies. However, LH Controls and LH Automation are both full-service suppliers, whose activities are broad and not limited to the stamping industry.

It would be no exaggeration to say that we know of no other builder of lamination dies who has invested so heavily and consistently in the advancement of lamination die and stamping technology. It is how LH Industries achieved and retains technological leadership in our industry. We invite you to inquire about how we can help with your special requirements.

For more information, contact LH Industries Corp., 4420 Clubview Drive, Fort Wayne, IN, U.S. 46804; Tel: +260/432-5563; Fax: +260/432-2503; E-mail: info@lhindustries.com.

LH Industries Corporation

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