Kingbright Corporation
May 2004
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LED Products
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Founded in 1980, Kingbright Corporation is a leading manufacturer of SMD and through-hole LED lamps, LED displays, and other LED-related products.

In addition to its Taipei headquarters, Kingbright has branches in Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Germany, France, China, and the U.S. Kingbright’s four production facilities in Chung Ho, Taiwan, and Shenzhen, China are all ISO:9002 and QS9000 certified. With the highest quality and production capabilities, Kingbright produces more than 200 million LED lamps, 300 million SMD lamps, and 7 million SMD and through-hole LED displays every month.

“To build long-term partnerships with our customers by offering the highest quality products, most efficient solutions, and unparalleled customer service.” Kingbright adheres to this mission statement and has since 1980. While aspiring to establish itself as the market leader, Kingbright also strives to make itself the most reliable and trustworthy business partner. With this in mind, Kingbright offers professional manufacturing capabilities, unsurpassed quality, expedient delivery, and the best service possible. Utmost satisfaction is guaranteed.

By combining more than 20 years of LED manufacturing experience, Kingbright introduces a full line of SMD LED Displays & Ultra High Brightness, Full-Color LED (Chameleon series) that will re-landscape the LED arena.

SMD LED Displays

SMD LED Displays will charge on LED market in 2004 by offering the following advantages to all level of users:
• 0.2- to 0.56-in single to quad digit SMD LED displays equipped with full spectrum of color variety, including white, provide extra design flexibility to project designers.
• Unique PLCC feature enhances product reliability and reduces assembly cost by eliminating the easy contaminated leads and clumsy manual inserting process.
• Perfecting finished products by reducing the thickness and weight up to 70 percent compared to traditional through-hole LED displays.

Chameleon Ultra High, Output Full-Color LED

This state-of-the-art design contains three ultra-bright LED chips (RGB) within one package to produce various colors in the visible spectrum, including white light, with wide viewing angle of 100 degrees. The superb heat dissipation capability, enhanced by the 5- by 6-mm dimension base, propels the operating current of each LED die to as high as 150 mA.

Kingbright Corporation

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